Equipment Essentials

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Use the layering technique to help prevent you from getting wet and cold. Clothing such as polypropylene, and wool better retain their insulating properties when wet. Gor-tex helps repel water, yet has some breathability. Avoid wearing cotton fabrics.

· Long underwear – thin under layer

· Wool sweater or pile jacket – thermal layer

· Jacket – outer shell, wind protection & rain resistant

· Rain gear – poncho or rain suite

· Wind pants

· Shorts

· Several pairs of socks

· Hat and gloves/mittens

· Boots – with ankle support, good grip, sturdy leather or gor-tex


Even where fires are permitted bring a stove, wood may be too wet, it also helps reduce impact on the environment.

· Tent – with waterproof fly

· Backpack

· Sleeping bag

· Foam or air mattress

· Stove, fuel, and cooking utensils

· Food – bring enough for an extra day, freeze dried is preferable because of its weight, and usually less odiferous.

Other Essentials

· Topographic maps

· First aid kit – extra moleskin!

· Flashlight and extra batteries

· Toilet paper

· Waterproof matches

· Candle

· Rope

· Garbage Bag

· Pencil & paper

· Sunscreen

Possible Extras

· Binoculars

· Camera

· Journal

· Toiletries

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  1. Backcountry (On the Tundra AK)List:

    Exped. Pack:
    Rain Jacket Cooler:
    Rain Pants
    Polypro pants & top wool cap
    polypro gloves & shells
    riding pants gloves
    riding shorts (2) helmet
    riding top 3 bandana
    riding jersey 2 red shell
    riding shoes Repair Bag: pump patches tube (x2)
    socks (6) chaintl oil multitool
    underwear (6) Water bottle (2)
    jeans warm up pants
    t-shirts (3) shorts
    long sleeve shirt Towel & face towel
    sweater Toiletry kit: shampoo toothpaste soap
    med boots q-tips toothbrush floss
    sandals /tevas brush neutrogena vit-C
    sleeping bag & stuff sack aspirin bandaids swabs
    stove bowl
    beerglass fork knife
    spoon cup lighter
    Tent & drop clothe
    Day pack: walkman & earphones Phone/address book
    cassettes (10) stamps 20/32
    ex AA batteries check books
    Med. Kit(various) license
    camera & film (4x 800/24) ATM card
    swiss army knife Visa
    Journal pad & pens Golf discs (3)
    2 lg crescents wrenches, spoke key, crank extractor,
    chain whip, bb socket, free wheel socket,
    allen keys set, socket set, 2 philips/2 allen screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, pipe wrench,

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