Mountain Biking Adventures of all shapes and sizes

February 22, 2010 0 Comments

Grand County provides some of the best mountain biking opportunities in Colorado. Winter Park, Colorado alone boasts over 600 miles of marked, mapped and user-friendly trails, contributing to its apropos nickname “Mountain Bike Capital, USA.” From high mountain peaks to beautiful river valleys, single tracks to back country roads, there are opportunities for all ages and skill levels.

For complete information on mountain biking and trails in each of the four main areas of Grand County, Colorado as well as the many local vendors providing bike sales, rentals and repair, please contact each chamber directly:

Kremmling Chamber of Commerce

Granby Chamber of Commerce
970-887-2311 or 800-325-1661

Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce

Winter Park/Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce
970-726-4118 or 800-903-7275

Hot Sulphur Springs Chamber

Click here for a free map for all skill levels.

Although public lands are yours to discover, it is also your responsibility to know the rules and regulations of the area you’ll be visiting, as well as the risks and liabilities that may be incurred.

Wilderness Areas are reserved for the most primitive forms of travel: by foot, which includes hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing and by horseback. Mountain biking is not allowed in these areas.
• The Fraser Experimental Forest was established in 1937 for the primary purpose of forest research. Recreational use of the Fraser Experimental Forest is a privilege and must not interfere with current and potential research. Please stay on designated roads and trails and camp only in designated sites when visiting this area.

• Several access trails to public lands travel through private property. Please use only acknowledged routes and do not explore areas off these designated trails or you may jeopardize future access through private property.

• As the usage of the Fraser Valley trail system continues to increase, so does the wear and tear on our trails. The Adopt-a-Trail Program, comprised of volunteers and administered by Headwaters Trails Alliance, plays a key role in keeping our trails open and safe for all users.