Depth Range: Shallow to 100 feet
Experience Level: Novice to Advanced
Location: 25º02.06 80º21.00

An exceptionally beautiful site, the ever popular reef is crammed full of caves, canyons, ledges, tunnels and swim-throughs. French Reef is home to innumerable fish species.

Certified divers can choose from a number of gorgeous diving locations:
Location / MM
Experience Level
Lat/Long Coord
Looe Key Big Pine / 29 Novice – Advanced 24º32.70 81º24.50 HMS Looe
Molasses Reef Key Largo / 97 Novice 25º01.00 80º22.53 #1 Dive Site
Sombrero Reef Marathon / 45 Novice 24º37.50 81º06.50 Coral Bridge
Christ of the Deep Key Largo / 108 Novice 25º07.45 80º17.80 Submerged Statue
French Reef Key Largo / 103 Novice – Advanced 25º02.06 80º21.00 Caves & Fish
Thunderbolt Marathon / 57 Advanced 24º39.48 80º57.90 Ship 120 ft. deep
Alligator Reef Islamorada / 80 Intermediate 24º50.72 80º36.93 Wreck from 1825
The Elbow Key Largo Novice Three Wrecked Ships
Carysfort Key Largo / 116 Novice – Intermediate 25º13.80 80º12.74 HMS Winchester
Marquesas Key West / NA Intermediate 24°33’ 82°09 25 nmi offshore
Adolphus Busch Cudjoe/Big Pine/ 24 Advanced 25º02.06 80º21.00 Giant Grouper
Little Conch Reef Islamorada / 96 Intermediate 24º56.51 80º28.55 Fan Corals

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